KIRG Importers is an Australian family owned and operated company established in 1994. Over the last 30 years we have built and maintained strong relations with clients and suppliers all over the world.to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of parts to suit bus, coach, truck, earthmoving, boating and railway applications. 

The team at KIRG Importers take pride in excellent customer service and stocking a full range of quality parts at competitive prices.

KIRG Importers is the distributor for SWF/Valeo wiper products, including wiper blades, wiper motors, wiper arms, pivots, linkages and complete wiper kits as well as SWF rocker switches and related components. We are experts in the area of mirrors, mirror arms, column stalks and toilet components – specialising in European brands.

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Best Selling Products

Washer Components

Single Arm Washer Jet


Washer Components

Washer Jet


Washer Components


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Washer Components

SWF Clip in Washer Jet

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Washer Components

SWF Washer Jet

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Washer Components

Rubber Pivot Cover

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Washer Components

Pivot Cover

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Washer Components

Travelling Washer Jet